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Defending the Unborn

Since it founding, Australian TFP has proclaimed the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death. The anti-life mentality of modern times, the ‘culture of death’, is opposed to the natural family. Our volunteers actively engage in pro-life work, including prayer vigils at abortion facilities, pro-life lectures and seminars, and other awareness raising.

Every year Australian TFP proudly sponsors The Day of the Unborn Child, a prayerful precession through Sydney’s CBD that is organised by Family Life International.

Defending Natural Marriage

Marriage is the life-long union of one man and one woman. Such has been the collective understanding of mankind for millennia. This understanding is rooted in human nature, in Natural Law, and in Divine Law. The family is the basic building block of society and this sacred institution is based upon authentic natural marriage. Australian TFP asks our elected representatives to reject any legislation that would undermine marriage and the family.

Australia Needs Fatima

Australian TFP promotes the Message of Fatima through its Australia Needs Fatima campaign. Fatima is a call for conversion, and conversion is the first step towards the moral restoration of society. At Fatima, Our Lady called on mankind to return to God. She foretold the triumph of her Immaculate Heart, a great conversion, and a coming time of peace.

Return to Order

Many advanced nations face galloping national debt, paralysis in politics, breakdown of family life and community, and loss of faith in the institutions that underpin democracy.

In response to this crisis, our received wisdom about politics and society is being challenged. A great debate is growing around themes such as economy, environment, immigration, identity, and freedom.

Sacred Heart Alliance

The Sacred Heart devotion makes us aware of and reminds us of Christ’s immense love for us. It also encourages us to love Him in return.

We know that God created us and Christ shed all his blood for us, resides in our Tabernacles, and even allows the faithful to consume Him in the Holy Eucharist.

The Sacred Heart Alliance is an apostolate to bring devotion to the Sacred Heart to all Australians. We also promote Catholic devotions, uphold family values, and defend good customs and morals in society.

Declaration of Fidelity to the Church

We live in an age when numerous forces seek to destroy or deform marriage and the family. Indeed, secular ideologies take advantage of and aggravate the family’s crisis, the result of a process of cultural and moral decadence. This process leads Catholics to adapt to our neo-pagan society. Their “conforming to the world” (Rom. 12: 2) is often fostered by a lack of faith – and therefore of supernatural spirit to accept the mystery of the Cross of Christ – and an absence of prayer and penance.

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