Satanists are scheduling a Satanic ‘Black Mass’
for midnight, 30 October, at the J theatre, Noosa, Queensland.

The event’s promotional blurb says:
“Satan has great plans for the Principality of Noosa and Australia…. Join us in fellowship as we perform this ancient ritual where the Dark Lord is summoned through Satanic invocations.…Knowledge is the greatest gift – free yourself from spiritual enslavement. Hail Satan!”

Former Sex Party candidate Robin Bristow, member of the Noosa Temple of Satan, says it may be the first public black mass in Queensland.

With the world devastated by the Coronavirus crisis we should be asking God’s blessing, not offending God by invoking the devil in a public venue operated by Noosa Council.

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Please sign the petition, urging
Noosa Council to cancel the Satanic Black Mass.

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