Our Mission

Australian TFP is a civil and cultural association that aims to promote the values of Christian civilisation. By defending the institution of the natural family, as well as promoting all good traditions, and the right to private property and free enterprise, we seek to build a better world for all Australians and for future generations.

Our Outreach

We are justly proud of our many public campaigns. These are carried out by volunteers who dedicate their free time to promoting the ideals of Tradition, Family and Property. We do this through an on-going outreach that includes lectures, publishing in both traditional and electronic media, direct mailing, petitions, seminars and conferences.

Australian TFP also takes its message directly to the public on the streets where our young volunteers distribute leaflets and speak to passers-by about the burning issues of the day. The red capes worn by our volunteers and the ruby and gold standards they raise in public places, are a hallmark of our street campaigns. Passers-by are made aware of our campaign and become interested in taking our leaflets.

Our Symbols

TFP’s distinct red standard with its golden lion is reminiscent of old heraldic traditions. Red represents the audacity of our public outreach. The golden lion with a red cross on its breast represents courage and the willingness to stand up for our beliefs. Underneath the lion is the motto ‘Tradition, Family, Property’. Another feature of our street campaigns is the red cape, or sash, worn by our young volunteers.


Australian TFP Inc. is a not-for-profit association incorporated in New South Wales in 1988. Although an independent civil association, we are inspired by the teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and are in filial obedience to the Sacred Hierarchy with respect to faith, morals and doctrine. Our head office is in Sydney and we have friends and supporters all over Australia. We are funded by donations from well-wishers and the public.

quotes5The institution of the family is the origin and leaven of human existence.
It is an essential prerequisite of progress. It is the very breath of life of the future!quotes

(from The Christian Institution of the Family by Philip Moran)

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