Declaration of Fidelity

Declaration of Fidelity to the Church We live in an age when numerous forces seek to destroy or deform marriage and the family. Indeed, secular ideologies take advantage of and aggravate the [...]

Sacred Heart Alliance

The Sacred Heart devotion makes us aware of and reminds us of Christ’s immense love for us. It also encourages us to love Him in return. We know that God created us and Christ shed all his blood [...]

Australia needs Fatima

Australian TFP promotes the Message of Fatima through its Australia Needs Fatima campaign. Fatima is a call for conversion, and conversion is the first step towards the moral restoration of [...]

Defending Natural Marriage

Marriage is the life-long union of one man and one woman. Such has been the collective understanding of mankind for millennia. This understanding is rooted in human nature, in Natural Law, and in [...]

Eight Things Australians Must Do

1. Remember that China is not a free country but one controlled by a totalitarian, ruthless and belligerent regime.   2. Speak out clearly when our principles, sovereignty, or national [...]

The ‘Silent Invasion’ of Australia

In the eyes of Beijing’s policy makers, Australia poses a considerable risk if left unsecured. On the other hand, it would be a boon as a client state due to its enormous natural resources and [...]

China’s abysmal human rights record

Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2018 notes that under Xi Jingping China is sliding towards the bottom of the human rights abusers list. This comes at a time when Western governments, beholden [...]

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