A bold response to the crisis of values shaking the modern world

Australian TFP is a civil and cultural association that aims to promote the values of Christian civilisation. By defending the institution of the natural family, as well as promoting all good traditions, and the right to private property and free enterprise, we seek to build a better world for all Australians and for future generations.

Tradition – Family – Property

  • We defend the institution of the family, tradition, the right to private ownership and free enterprise

  • We uphold ethical values and morality in society

  • We foster Christian socio-economic thought

  • We achieve our goals through public awareness campaigns and educational outreach programs

  • We are a not-for-profit and non-partisan civil association

Sacred Heart Alliance

The Sacred Heart Alliance is an apostolate to bring devotion to the Sacred Heart to all Australians. We also promote Catholic devotions, uphold family values, and defend good customs and morals [...]

Day of the Unborn Child

March 21st 2021

Join us to witness
the Sanctity of Life


The Church in China

Churches Burn!


A Christian response
to Globalism

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