The Christian Institution of the Family


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A dynamic force to regenerate society

by Philip Moran Jr.

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The institution of the family is the origin and leaven of human existence. It is an essential prerequisite of progress. It is the very breath of life of the future! But for decades is has been under siege and undermined in every way. As a result, society spirals increasingly into chaos. If you want to know how this happened – and want to know what to do about it – this book is for you. This beautifully illustrated little volume packs a lot between its covers. It will give you a background historical perspective on the roll of the family as a bulwark against chaos and anarchy; it will show you some of the main reasons why families struggle today and how they are being undermined; more importantly, it will show you how the family can be a positive force to regenerate our society and make it truly Christian.

Paperback. 120 pages. Illustrated.