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The Metaphysical religion of our days

by Philip Moran Jr.

TFP Bureau for the United Kingdom

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“O Liberty, how many crimes are committed in your name!” Thus exclaimed Madame Roland on her way to the guillotine. We might repeat her lament in another context: equality, how many follies are committed in your name.

While all human beings are equal as creatures of God, and should be equal before the law, it is absurd to insist that every person is equal to everyone else in everything. This belief flies in the face of reason and common sense. Yet in the western world this belief has become imbued with an almost cult-like status. In an effort to level society in absolutely every facet we have succeeded in reducing everything to the most basic common denominator. The absurdity goes to unimaginable lengths as we cannot even tolerate inequality between human beings and animals, now giving to the latter the rights that properly can only be claimed by rational creatures who also have a sense of responsibility.

In the name of equality a thousand rights have been trampled on. Nations have have been enslaved and genocides committed.

Paperback. 71 pages. Illustrated.