WE, the undersigned, in agreement with the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute, and the TFPs and affiliated organisations around the world, as well as the thousands of individuals signing this message of moral support, hereby:

1. Applaud your courageous stand against appeasing the Chinese Communist Party.

2. Express to Your Eminence, and to the whole hierarchy, clergy and faithful of the underground Catholic Church in China our admiration and solidarity at this time when it is urgent to build resistance to the communist Moloch and the Vatican’s policy of appeasement.

3. We especially support the faithful bishops who stand before the world as living symbols of the “Good Shepherd who gives his life for his sheep.”

4. We affirm that we draw strength and invincible hope from the epic example of the martyrs persevering in China. Our souls acclaim these noble victims with the words of sacred scripture: “Tu gloria Jerusalem, tu laetitia Israel, tu honorificentia populi nostril” [Judith 15:10]. These martyrs are the glory of the Church, the joy of the faithful, and the honour of those who continue the sacred struggle.

5. We raise our prayers to Almighty God for all in China who are struggling to remain faithful despite these cruel and perplexing circumstances.

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